Our KiloTable™

KiloTable - Yumcious

The Yumcious™ KiloTable™ is without a doubt one of Cape Town’s most popular foodie destinations!

Find everything from a wide selection of freshly made delicious and unusual salads, and cold meats.

Some like it hot and we can give that to you too-like succulent butter chicken, duck in an Asian cherry sauce, fragrant Moroccan Tagines, beef schnitzel smothered with a chunky mushroom sauce, delicious tarts and quiches, pasta bakes, succulent lemon and thyme scented roast chickens – AND MORE!!

Our dishes on the KiloTable™ are ever-changing so that we can bring you the freshest, in-season, most delicious foods.

House Rules:

Picking is nicking – so please DON’T eat before your plate is weighed. We know it looks so YumciousTM but your mouth will love you more if you sit down and eat. Standing and eating makes your feet fat!

Keep your fingers to yourself – please do not put your fingers on the food at the KiloTableTM. Use the utensils provided.

Weigh your plate once you are done selecting your food – if you don’t I might put you on the scale! If you have not weighed your plate a flat rate of 1 kilogram will be charged.

Once it’s on your plate its yours – please DO NOT put food on your plate and then return it to the KiloTable™. If it is on your plate you own it.